The Elementary School is home to children in grades one through four.  First grade homeroom teachers serve as members of the Early Childhood Curriculum Team to ensure the successful, year-long transition of incoming first grade students, who “bridge” Early Childhood and the Elementary School.  Fifth grade students serve as the bridge to our Middle School, and are introduced to a more rigorous academic environment as they exit the traditional single-homeroom format to learn subject matter from both fifth grade teachers, and explore cross-curricular themes through Reading and Social Studies.

The Math curriculum, supported by the Houghlin Mifflin Elementary series, offers research-based approaches to support a range of learning aptitudes.  Language Arts is taught using a carefully selected guided reading program through the fourth grade to ensure that students are provided with ample opportunities to master reading with comprehension.  Homeroom teachers confer regularly with the learning support team to employ new and different methods to engage students.  Regular communication is also essential to identify children who might benefit from differentiated learning and additional practice with one of several specialists.

The Religious Education curriculum encourages active participation in the sacramental life of the church and supports a Catholic values system.  Children come to know that God loves them and that they, in turn, are called to treat others with compassion and respect.  Science instruction focuses on wellness and nutrition, energy and natural resources, ecosystems, meteorology, prehistoric periods and the human body.  Social Studies is driven by the Archdiocesan curriculum, which was co-developed and edited by SFX teachers.  Spanish instruction occurs multiple times each week and engages students on an increasingly sophisticated level as they approach Middle School.  

We invite you to learn more about our Elementary School curriculum below.  Please visit the All School tab for information about curriculum and programs shared by all Kindergarten through eighth grade students at St. Francis Xavier School, including Technology, Music,  Art, Library, Physical Education, the resources of our Learning Support Team and our Crusader Communities.

Learn more about our Elementary School Curriculum below.