1st Grade Elliot

Mrs. Elliot’s Blog September 14-18

 We have had another amazing week in first grade!  The students are working hard and having a great time with our fun-filled schedule.  We are learning so much every day.  The students are doing a great job being responsible with their Sidekicks.  Please remember to check the black Home folder every day!  As always, I am enjoying getting to know the students and so excited for the upcomi
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Mrs. Elliot’s First Grade

It has been an amazing week of first grade! The students are doing a great job with all of the safety protocols and procedures.  Thank you for the wonderful emails about the excitement of the students. I am loving every minute as well! Math We have reviewed our number 0-10 through writing, counting, comparing, and using our math tool kits. The kits contain a ten-frame, number chart, number line, cubes (large and
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Welcome to 2020-2021 SFX Blogs

You have been subscribed to receive classroom news through our SFX blog system. Please note what this looks like, by grade, below: 1 – Kindergarten will use See Saw to share classroom news and updates this year across both the SJ and SFX campuses. Watch for an update here soon! 2 – Grades 1-4 will continue to share weekly updates and overviews through the SFX blog system. You are automatically subscribed
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