2nd Grade Greenawalt

RED Blessing Bag Reminder

All Kindergarten through 3rd grade students met earlier this month with Jahkil Johnson, a school-aged activist from Chicago. Jahkil founded Project I Am, a non-profit organization designed to help the homeless in Chicago through the distribution of blessing bags to our local homeless population. Jahkil is living out God’s call to serve the poor and less fortunate.At Jahkil’s invitation, we continue t
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Weekly Update (2/8-2/19)

This week’s update is 2 pages from last week and this week since it was such a short week! Please reach out if you have any questions!
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2020 Global Read Aloud Initiative

Starting this month, during my weekly designated library time with our 1st-4th grade students, I have launched the 2020 Global Read Aloud initiative. Information about Global Read Aloud can be found at https://theglobalreadaloud.com. The program allows schools throughout the world to connect through designated children’s books that raise awareness. I am happy to share we are connecting with schools in
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Welcome to 2020-2021 SFX Blogs

You have been subscribed to receive classroom news through our SFX blog system. Please note what this looks like, by grade, below: 1 – Kindergarten will use See Saw to share classroom news and updates this year across both the SJ and SFX campuses. Watch for an update here soon! 2 – Grades 1-4 will continue to share weekly updates and overviews through the SFX blog system. You are automatically subscribed
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