Three Year Old Lavelle

Weekly Update 9/18-9/22

Spotlight on Learning: Theme: The 5 Senses! M: We kicked off our 5 senses thematic unit by learning a song about which body parts help us observe and understand the world around us. To better understand the sense of touch, we played a, “mystery bag” game, where each student was asked to guess an object that was hidden in the bag. This game helped our students explore the sense of touch, while also develop
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Pre-K 3 9/11-9/15

Spotlight on Learning: Theme of the Week: All About Friends! M – We launched our “All About Friends” unit this week by discussing what the word “friend” means to our 3-year-old students. Some words and phrases used to describe how friends behave included, “sharing,” “taking turns,” “giving hugs,” and “making people feel happy.” We read an Elephant and
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Pre-K3 Report Week of 9/4-9/8

Spotlight on Learning: Theme of the Week: All About Me! M – NO SCHOOL  T – We launched our “All About Me” unit by working one-on-one with each student to fill out their “All About Me” poster. Each student was asked to draw a self portrait on the page, which allowed us to observe their understanding of early shape concepts and fine motor control. Ms. Jones taught our students about our prayer table, which
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Welcome to PreK 3!

  Spotlight on Learning: Theme of the Week: Welcome to School! M – We loved singing, moving and dancing in our first music class of the year with Mrs. Chada. We helped Agnes celebrate her birthday by singing, sharing treats, and reading a special unicorn story with her mom. We made lots of pretend phone calls to moms, dads, siblings and even grandparents using our “cell phones” in the dramatic
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