E-Learning Resources

Dear School Parents,

I am grateful to belong to such a remarkable community! Our faculty has stepped up in amazing ways to transform curriculum into our current e-learning platform, and to make meaningful and stimulating opportunities available to our families that teach, enrich, and build community from home. Our students have embraced our new virtual classrooms, transitioned to meet the challenges of remote learning, and engaged with new resources with enthusiasm and flexibility. And we promise to continue to refine and build upon this framework as together we learn what works best for our families.

Thank you to our parents who have made significant sacrifices at home to juggle work and the demands of an e-learning schedule. Your support makes all we do possible! I’d also like to thank Father Wayne, Joe D’Arco, and our entire parish staff for their work behind the scenes to meet the needs of those in our community who may be isolated, suffering, and in need of our ministry. I am grateful for our continued access to daily liturgies and for the many ways Father Watts supports us. Thank you!

Please refer to the links below for information, resources and reminders you will find helpful as we continue to navigate this truly unique time in our history. While we can’t wait to be with your students again on campus, I urge you to find value in the here and now –  to view this time away not as a period of interruption or suspension, but instead as a time of action. At school we have learned to be benevolent, to be leaders, to think out-of-the-box, and to make a difference in the world around us. This is a time when we are called to engage those skills and to act on our values to the great benefit of our families, our community, and all those who sacrifice so much to keep us safe. I challenge us to find ways big and small to be apply all we have learned at school and through our Catholic faith. Leave a note of gratitude in your mailbox for your postal worker. Express your thanks to those helping you at the grocery store, the doctor’s office, and the police station. Support your local businesses, especially those here in Wilmette, in their time of need. Check on a neighbor who you know lives alone. Contribute to a culture of positivity, support, and inclusivity. We can all make a difference, and our children will benefit from powerful learning experiences that will transform the way we learn, grow and see the world forever.

You remain in my prayers, as always.

Many thanks,