2nd Grade Donahue

2-Donahue Update

Greetings, 2D Parents! I have enjoyed visiting your children and helping support a smooth transition these past two weeks in Ms. Donahue’s homeroom while she and Margaret Pezza have been away. I have spent time in the classroom every day, and I’m thrilled to share that the learning atmosphere is as vibrant as ever!   We have been fortunate to have Shawn O’Gara, an experienced second g
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2020 Global Read Aloud Initiative

Starting this month, during my weekly designated library time with our 1st-4th grade students, I have launched the 2020 Global Read Aloud initiative. Information about Global Read Aloud can be found at https://theglobalreadaloud.com. The program allows schools throughout the world to connect through designated children’s books that raise awareness. I am happy to share we are connecting with schools in
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