2nd Grade Greenawalt

Weekly Update (2/8-2/19)

This week’s update is 2 pages from last week and this week since it was such a short week! Please reach out if you have any questions!
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2020 Global Read Aloud Initiative

Starting this month, during my weekly designated library time with our 1st-4th grade students, I have launched the 2020 Global Read Aloud initiative. Information about Global Read Aloud can be found at https://theglobalreadaloud.com. The program allows schools throughout the world to connect through designated children’s books that raise awareness. I am happy to share we are connecting with schools in
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Welcome to 2020-2021 SFX Blogs

You have been subscribed to receive classroom news through our SFX blog system. Please note what this looks like, by grade, below: 1 – Kindergarten will use See Saw to share classroom news and updates this year across both the SJ and SFX campuses. Watch for an update here soon! 2 – Grades 1-4 will continue to share weekly updates and overviews through the SFX blog system. You are automatically subscribed
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